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It takes a legion of chefs and an army of loco homies to make our kick-ass burritos. We use quality ingredients, we don't cut corners. That's how we roll.

Matilda (3½) helping make our first delivery / First tray of “back room” burritos”

The origin of the Cartel Food Co is a legit tale of a crazy couple who believed they could take an idea and turn it into something big. 


From humble beginnings in the back room of a local café, to supermarket freezers and pie warmers around the country – we’ve had burrito domination on our mind from day one.


“Actually… that tastes good!” — no kidding! We’ve heard it a thousand times.  When people take that first bite they’re surprised at just how good our burritos are. 


For us, it’s always been about taste — so we’ve obsessed about what goes into our burritos.  Our massive pots simmer away the hours finessing the beans and meat with chipotle, jalapeño, spices, lime juice... that kind of thing. It all adds up to make what we think are some pretty banging burritos. But don’t just take our word for it.

“Your burritos bang so hard dude I hope you guys end up a household name”

"Whats up! my brother told me to get some of your burritos and they're absolutely killer!!! super rad I’ll definitely be investing a lot more into them! my taste buds thank you!!”

- Dave

- Si

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